About us

The Good Herbs or Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha as it was formerly known, came into about in August 2021.

An incident with one of the co-founders at a trek led him to Mr. Kanhaiya Das, a siddha yogi in a village nearby. Where the solution provided to him was surgery, Mr. Kanhaiya Das gave him an ayurvedic concoction and  the 3rd degree tear in the knee cartilage had completed healed without the need of a surgery.

Realising the power of Ayurveda and Siddhaveda and the knowledge of Babaji (as he if fondly called), we came together to try and form a wellness organisation to offer consultations and products that delivered on what was promised.




Mr. Kanhaiya Das spent over half a decade with the last known enlightened Siddha Vetavalli and learned the ancient science of Ayurveda from Him. He has treated thousands of patients in the last five decades. He continues to have a strong following in the Chyavan Rishi Ashrams across the country and also leading ayurveda practitioner groups like Kottakkal Hospital in Kerala, Association of Ayurvedic Doctors in Hyderabad and Maharashtra

Mr. Pravin Prashar has worked with some of the biggest name in the country over the last 14 years in various geographies. A yoga enthusiast and a spirituality seeker, which helped in finding the true purpose of life and thereby embarking on the entrepreneurial journey to create a positive impact on society

Mr. Pankaj Dheer has worked in the corporate world for 14 years in different sales and marketing roles in India and abroad. He joined the entrepreneurship journey to leverage his skills and give back to society through the wellness products

Ms. Shveta Sharma is an Ayurveda/yoga  practitioner with focus on therapeutic nutrition and holistic wellness. Trained at  Sivananda Institute of Health ,Kerala , she has been helping individuals to understand their ailments and resolutions through simple Ayurveda practices and herbal inclusions.

Dr. Dipa Mehta completed her Doctor of Medicine (MD –Ayu) from one of the most Reputed Ayurvedic University in the world - I.P.G.T. & R.A, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar. She is a specialist in Dravyaguna, a branch of Ayurveda dealing with medicinal herbs and their impact on body. She has also won first prize in the competition on “Traditional Nutritional Recipe” organized by IISF (India International Science Festival) 2020.