Q) Why should I rely on the ancient secrets when the modern treatments are as good?

The ancient treatment systems of Ayurveda and Siddhaveda provide solutions for the root cause of the problem; they eliminate not only the ailment but the cause of the ailment

Q) Why should I buy products from Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha?

We represent the lineage of Chyavan Rishi, the Maharishi having a mention even if the epics in our country. His knowledge has been passed on through the generations and being used in our concoctions to create a range of wellness products, very relevant to today’s age and times. We are also one of the very few brands using Siddhaveda (Rasayana Vidhya, i.e. knowledge and methodology of minerals) in addition to the herbs.

Q) Does your products create an instant feeling of wellness?

Many of the ayurvedic concoctions in the Vedas work to eliminate the cause of the illness. This takes time and the effects can only be seen through continuous usage of the products. Equally true is the fact that some of the products can show immediate relief eg. Chyavan KasaNirvah, Chyavan Pachan and Chyavan Dard Niravah etc. on consumption or application as the case may be.

Q) Why are your prices of your products so high?

We take a lot of effort in researching and ensure use of the purest & best quality natural ingredients while producing our concoctions. Further, to ensure quality, many of the raw materials are imported from the neighbouring countries, so that our products deliver on what we promise.

Q) Is it safe to consume any of the products?

We are one of the very few FSSAI certified Ayurvedic brands in the country. We have gone above and beyond the current regulatory requirements and taken this certification. Also, being all natural, our products are safe to consume. Typically, Ayurvedic products are known to have no side effects. Having said that, we would still recommend taking the advice from your family doctor before the consumption of our wellness products.

Q) How soon can I get my order delivered?

We understand your excitement while ordering the product on our website. We will try and ship all orders within 24 working hours from the receipt of order. Depending on the location of delivery, the order may take 7-10 days for delivery.

Q) What all payment options do I have?

You can choose from a host of banks for net banking, use your credit or debit card or use e-wallets.

Q) Can I opt for Cash on delivery?

Yes you can.

Q) The payment has been deducted from my card / account but the order has not been successfully placed. What do I do?

If there is an issue in connectivity, sometimes such a situation may arise. You need not worry. The money will automatically get refunded within 7 days to the mode of payment being used.

Q) I want to cancel the order I have raised. How can I do that?

An order can only be cancelled or changed before the product is picked up by our delivery partners for dispatch. You can call us on +918580900447 to cancel the order. The money will be refunded into your account within 7-10 days from the date of cancellation.

In case the product received is damaged or expired, the same needs to be highlighted to the company at feedback@chyavanrishiayursiddha.com within 72 hours of receipt with relevant photographs. Each of such complaints will be dealt with on case-by-case basis.

Q) I am not happy and want a refund. How do I go about that?

All you need to do is write to feedback@chyavanrishiayursiddha.com with the order number within 30 days of the order being raised. We will process your refund basis the request. While we will confirm the processing of the refund in in 24-48 hours, it can take upto 7-10 days for the refund to reflect in your amount.

Q) Is there a special discount for bulk orders?

Please write to feedback@chyavanrishiayursiddha.com for such requirements and we will get back to you within 24 working hours with the best possible discount.